Welcome to Natural Basketry.

The purpose of this website is to share my learnings about how to harvest, process, and use natural materials to weave baskets.

As I am a beginner like you, I am sharing my early creations so that you will not be discouraged by your initial attempts to weave. The baskets below are crude, but they have helped me learn something about different materials and weaving techiques.

The basket above is constructed from wild grapevines (for the ribs), and the weaving material is a mixutre of honeysuckle, split grapevine, and cordage made from yucca fiber. The primary goal was to experiment will different materials that I found in the woods around my home.

The basket on the right was an attempt to move beyond the basic “plain weave” from the ribbed basket and try twining. The structural element of the basket is made from thicker pieces of honeysuckle, and the weavers are smaller honeysuckle vines.

Natural Basketry

The coiled basket on the left is made from sweetgrass (the coiling material), and is sttched together using raffia. This was made during a one-day workshop I attended a few years ago in Eastern North Carolina.

Even though this was my first attempt at using the materials and with coiling, the result isn’t too bad.